About Kay Shumway Nature Photography

A native of Blanding, much of Kay Shumway's youth was spent in the surrounding canyons and mountains of SouthEastern Utah.  Schooling and career opportuity took him away from his beloved home for nearly 24 years.  Returning with degrees in botony and a PhD in plant genetics he now lives with is family again among the red rocks and unique beauty offered by nature in the Colrado plateau.  Since he retired from higher education he continued to persue his boyhood love of photography.

As a professional photographer, Kay Shumway has combined his passion for photography and his love for the beauty of southeastern Utah to create spectacular images that you can enjoy in your home. The differences in elevation in San Juan County Utah allow him to photograph the desert views and high mountain meadows and still travel only a few miles from his home.  With the flexibility of retirement, he has made it a high priority to photograph and, through photographs, share the unique views of this area. This area is home to Canyon Lands, Bridges, Arches and other National Parks and Monuments. The world famous Monument Valley is less than an hour away. The cultural and physical remains of the Anasazi civilization provide enigmatic photographs of a people who once inhabited this area. The flowers and plants represent a diversity that reflects the diversity of the canyons and mountains.

Solitude and beauty abound in southeastern Utah and Kay Shumway's photos capture both and can calm the troubled soul and allow a quiescent feeling as one views them.